Major Spanish Recycling Fire Injures 35

Spanish fire trade association and EFSN member Tecnifuego-Aespi issued a press release following a major fire in a warehouse at the Requimsa recycling facility in Arganda del Rey, Madrid. 35 were injured, of whom three seriously. Businesses and schools 500m around the facility had to be evacuated because of the risk from exploding cylinder. 18 fire crews attended the incident. Three years ago there was another fire in this 10,000 m2 warehouse. Under Spanish regulations a new warehouse of this size and application must be fitted with sprinklers but there were none in this building.

Recycling fires are a frequent occurrence – anecdotal reports in the UK suggest there is a major incident each week. On 8 May there was a huge fire at a plastics recycling plant in Rotherham, in the North of England. 500 tonnes of plastic were on fire.

Some recycling plants in the UK are fitted with sprinklers and they have very successfully dealt with the fires they have experienced.